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Autism is not a curse but a blessing

I will go door to door to inform people that autism is not a curse but a blessing

I grew up in a village outside Dhaka… I grew up seeing much more events, characters, situations, and content than children of this time. Among all these very small events that are etched in my mind is my neighbor seeing a child.

When I grew up, I realized that the girl was a special child. When I was young, I did not understand what happened to him, or what happened to his family. But just when I learned to understand what a miserable life their whole family has had, since then I have not decided to tell people that autism means special children, I will go door to door and explain that these children are not a curse but they are a blessing.

Then we started to find a simple and effective way. And in that case, I found the easiest and most effective way is film. Visual education is the world’s most available, modern, and acceptable to all. So I decided to make a film and with this film, this awareness will begin.

I started communicating with other like-minded people around me. Find many more talented people who have the same idea. We formed a film production company called Leviathan Productions. We have gathered some people from different countries including Bangladesh to make a wonderful film.

What others call an autistic child is a human being… and human means “me”. And so the name of this film is me (“Amii”). In this movie, I will tell the story of me and others like me who have a different point of view than others. In making this film, we are looking for more people like us who want to stand with us, to tell everyone that they are not curses, they are blessings.

With everyone’s cooperation, we can show people all over the world “Amii” it’s me.


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